Amalfi coast is a favorite chic & exclusive destination for Jet setters & celebrities from all over the world! Many choose to bring their Yachts
here to gather as they travel up the coast of Italy. The Amalfi Coast is decorated with beautiful and colorful Mediterranean houses boasting perfect architectural design. Amalfi boasts classic landscape views combined with stunning panorama from the sea to make this a truly exotic locale!

During my travels there I stayed in the gorgeous city of Positano. I learned that a charming nickname for this amazing destination is ” The Vertical City”…. be prepared to climb lots of steps!! The entire community is built into the mountainside and narrow winding roads and staircases are the only way to travel. I decided to fly into Milan and make a road trip of it! driving along the winding roads next to the crystal blue waters of the Amalfi Coast was a soothing and gorgeous experience that I will never forget.

Around Amalfi Coast, there are buildings such as The ancient cathedral and Roman Villas like Anacapri that are located in Damecuta. Some of the historical buildings will make you feel that you are in the ancient era.The buildings are architectural masterpieces from the year of 600 b.c.! These buildings contribute to making a truly unforgettable vacation holiday for you.
If you are in the mood for fantastic fresh seafood then you are in the right place!, Be sure to try the delicious fresh seafood offered by many restaurants around the beach. My personal favorite place to dine was Cafe Positano! From the first bite your heart will bond on Amalfi forever.

The place also has some shopping areas that sell unique souvenirs for your vacation remembrance. Be sure to have a pair of sandals custom made right on your feet while you wait! My white bejeweled gladiator sandals are some of my favorite pair to wear even today!

The best time to visit Amalfi is during May or between September to October.
If you are in the mood to explore a great attraction in Amalfi is visiting the highest spot in Amalfi Beach, Monte Solaro. From the top you can see the twin bay of Salermo and Naples! also keep in mind that Pompeii and Sorento are near by and historical jewels to explore.

A fantastic and truly unique night club to dance the night away at is Party on the Rocks… the club is built into a mountain and the interior walls and ceilings are literally the mountain rock!
Happy Jetsetting!